Carpet Cleaning Perth

Make Your Carpets Breathe Fresh

Make your carpets breathe fresh with professional carpet cleaning from Oxi Fresh Perth! We are Perth’s most trustworthy cleaners. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we are here to serve all areas of Perth. We have expertise in taking care of both domestic as well as commercial carpets. We believe in making our actions speak louder than our words. So just try our guaranteed carpet cleaning service and see if we don’t make you happy enough to use our services again!

Carpet Cleaning Perth

Why Do You Need Oxi Fresh Perth

If you own a carpet then you need a professional carpet cleaner and we are the BEST in Perth. You might be cleaning your carpets with homely cleaning methods but those are not effective enough. It has been found that any carpet needs professional cleaning once every season for an extended life. Dirty carpets can lead to airborne diseases because there are germs, bacteria, allergens, and what not. You cannot see any of these with naked eyes but still they are there. These are risky for your health and these also affect the life of the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning makes use of experience, skills, and latest equipment. At Oxi Fresh our cleaners not just target the dirt and soil but the deeply embedded contaminants too. We thoroughly clean your carpets in such a way that they become healthy and hygienic from within too.

Say bye to air borne diseases and pollution related problems such as running nose, red eyes, itchiness, and asthma etc. Use our carpet cleaning services at live a peaceful life. Call Oxi Fresh Perth and use our carpet cleaning services anywhere in Perth!

    How We Do Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Before you make your decision to hire Oxi Fresh Perth, it is crucial to understand our carpet cleaning process. We provide both

    • Carpet dry cleaning
    • Carpet steam cleaning

    We use the finest technique of hot water extraction for carpet steam cleaning. This yields desired results without any extra efforts. Our steam cleaning process for carpets is:

    • We first inspect the carpets to see how much work is required.
    • We perform pre-vacuuming to eliminate solid dirt particles.
    • Next we work on the carpet stains.
    • Then we indulge in hot water extraction.
    • After a day of the above process, we do pile setting of the carpet.
    • Once all is done, we dry the carpets and deodorize them well.
    • Lastly do a final carpet check for 100% customer satisfaction.

    We always use eco-friendly cleaning solutions for carpet cleaning. We have special stain removing strategies that do not use any harmful chemicals and yet get rid of all types of stains.

    How We Do Carpet Dry Cleaning

    Carpet dry cleaning requires lesser amount of water and time, as compared to steam cleaning. The process involves the following:

    • We first inspect the carpets to see how much work is required.
    • We perform pre-vacuuming to eliminate solid dirt particles.
    • Next we work on washing the carpet. We do it with finest agitation tools for maximum output.
    • We do post-vacuuming of the carpets after washing them to remove residual particles.
    • After deodorizing the carpets, we do a final carpet check for 100% customer satisfaction.

    Carpet Cleaning Services at Oxi Fresh

    Oxi Fresh’s cleaners are well-versed with the following carpet cleaning services:

    • Domestic carpet cleaning
    • Commercial carpet cleaning
    • Carpet mould removal
    • Carpet water damage restoration
    • Carpet stain removal
    • Carpet fire damage restoration
    • Carpet fabric protection
    • Carpet sewage restoration

    Perth’s Lowest Priced Carpet Cleaning

    If you reside in Perth then you will not find a better price for carpet cleaning. Oxi Fresh Perth delivers carpet cleaning services at the lowest prices. We understand that carpet cleaning is a basic need and it should not be too heavy on your pocket. So we do it at a reasonable price for you. Thus, keeping your carpets clean and just-like-new is not pricey.

    What Carpet Fabrics We Clean

    At Oxi Fresh Perth we have means and skills to take care of all types of carpet fabrics. The fabrics that we clean include:

    • Cotton
    • Wool
    • Nylon
    • Acrylic
    • Polyester
    • Polypropylene

    We take proper care to read manufacturer’s instructions before performing the cleaning process. So get the best of cleaners for your precious carpets. Call Oxi Fresh Perth today!

    How is Oxi Fresh Different?

    Oxi Fresh Perth is not just another carpet cleaner. We take carpet cleaning seriously. We hire only the best of cleaners and then we train them. Our cleaners have required certification and license to perform carpet cleaning in Perth. In addition to that,

    • We do ONLY eco-friendly carpet cleaning.
    • We are available 24×7.
    • We work on weekends and public holidays.
    • We hire only licensed and certified cleaners.
    • We are locals and reliable.
    • We promise no hidden charges.
    • We offer guaranteed carpet cleaning.
    • Our carpet cleaning is absolutely safe for kids and pets too.

    Why wait to make your carpets clean, hygienic, and healthy? We give you professional carpet cleaning at an affordable price, thereby making it worth for you! Pick up your phone and call Oxi Fresh Perth!

    ”Professional Service”

    Oxi Fresh is very cost effective. They apply the best way of cleaning tactics to clean your carpets and give it a new look. They have skilful and experienced team for eliminating stains, removing contaminants, cleaning the deepest fabric and beautifying the carpets. I would love to recommend them to you all. They are very professional and follows the best method to clean the carpet. I am very much impressed by their professional service. So do not think more, book the professional carpet cleaning services of Oxi Fresh right now.
    - Hayley

    Mind blowing results

    Very good job!!. Received a quote from them that was cheaper than the others. I was doubtful if they are professionals since they were really cheap but I had to select them as I was on a budget. They completely changed my perception. I still could not believe the way the worked and the end result was mind blowing. I would really recommend them to everyone.
    - Mark jamie

    Most efficient service.

    Oxi Fresh provided the most efficient service. I could ever imagine, the team arrived early, was efficient, and did an excellent job. The customer was pleased, the carpet is cleaner than it has ever been. I would use Oxi Fresh again without hesitation and highly recommend the service to anyone.
    - Daniel Emma

    Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia