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Melbourne’s oldest and most dependable carpet cleaners Oxi Fresh are here to help you with all kinds of carpet cleaning requirements. We are the pioneers of carpet cleaning Melbourne solutions for over 20 years. Finest tools, latest carpet cleaning technologies, and decades of experience makes us the no. 1 choice for carpet cleaning services in Melbourne.
Oxi Fresh is the one stop station for all your carpet cleaning requirements. From carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, to carpet repairs, carpet water damage restoration, carpet stain removal, to carpet restoration – we do it all under our roof. Choose our carpet cleaning Melbourne solutions for squeaky clean, sparkling, and ultra clean carpets! Call us for a free quote!
Carpet Steam Cleaning Method

Carpet Steam Cleaning Method

First of all the carpet needs to be vacuumed meticulously so that all the solid particles get extracted. Then we move on to the following steps:

  • We begin with targeting the stains on the carpet. For this we have exclusive range of stain removing agents made of eco-friendly products.
  • Then we do Carpet Steam Cleaning using conventional hot water extraction. We infuse bio-friendly cleaning solutions with hot pressurized water into the carpet fibres. Then we do extraction to remove all water, cleaning solution residues, and all impurities.
  • We set the carpet piles for smoother and softer carpets.
  • We dry the carpets that takes up to 8 hours after steam cleaning. We have industry strength air dryers to do carpet drying in quickest way.
  • Our cleaners also do carpet sanitization and carpet deodorization.
  • Finally we inspect the carpets for complete satisfaction.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Method

Fragile carpets are vulnerable to water damage and that is why manufacturers recommend dry cleaning for such carpets.

Here is How We Dry Clean The Carpets:

  • We remove solid particles from the carpet using highly powerful vacuums. This is called pre-vacuuming.
  • We have special dry cleaning solutions that are applied on the carpets.
  • Then using rotary brush and agitation tools we rub the solution to clean the carpet fibres from deep within.
  • The residues of cleaning solution/powder are removed by again vacuuming the carpet.
  • We do carpet drying with exclusive air dryers that speed up the process and ready your carpet within an hour of dry cleaning.
  • We then sanitize and deodorize the carpet to make it absolutely hygienic and healthy.
  • Lastly we conduct a detailed inspection of the carpet for customer satisfaction.

Why Do you need Carpet Cleaning Services?

If you don’t think professional carpet cleaning is important then you need to re-think. When you deliberately choose NOT to hire carpet cleaners then:

  • The carpet’s life deteriorates.
  • Carpet remains stained therefore ugly.
  • Carpet stays unclean from deep within.
  • Dirty carpet ruins the indoor air quality.
  • Unclean carpet creates an unpleasant sight thereby spoiling your interiors.

On the contrary, professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne leads to

  • More life for carpets.
  • Cleaner, safer, healthier, and hygienic carpets.
  • Enhanced indoor air.
  • Beautiful interiors.

PS: All these benefits can only be enjoyed if you hire experts to do the job!

    Carpet Office Cleaning Service

    Get Office Carpets Cleaned in a Sparkling Manner

    Does your office need a makeover? Why not start with your carpets? Give your carpets a new look by getting them thoroughly cleaned by the experts in this business. At Oxi Fresh we have a dedicated team for commercial carpet cleaning who are trained to deal with commercial carpet cleaning in a working environment. Our motto remains to clean the carpets with as less disruption as possible to make your commercial place safe and healthy.

    Rejuvenate Domestic Carpets at Affordable Prices

    Need help for your home carpets? Come to Oxifresh – a name considered synonymous with integrity, quality service, impeccable cleaning, kept promises, punctuality, and 100% customer satisfaction. We have been cleaning domestic carpets for ages and know how to handle any kind of carpet fabric.

    Why Oxi Fresh for Carpet Cleaning Melbourne?

    If you are choosing for the best carpet cleaning company in Melbourne then Oxi Fresh is the answer for you. Here are the numerous reasons why we consider ourselves the BEST in the industry:

    • Only certified and licensed cleaners get onboard Oxifresh.
    • We work 24×7; round the clock on weekends & public holidays.
    • All our carpet cleaning methods are safe for kids, pets, & environment.
    • We don’t use any chemicals at all.
    • Our customers can get same day and emergency carpet cleaning services.
    • Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning services are available in all suburbs of Melbourne.
    • We are locals of Melbourne with over two decades of industry experience.
    • Extremely advanced cleaning equipments are used here for optimum results.
    • We provide complete care for your carpets.

    Carpet cleaning Melbourne is one of the expertises at Oxi Fresh Melbourne. Come to us for flawless carpet cleaning experience by our skilled & friendly staff. Call us to make an appointment today!

    Carpet Cleaning Melbourne


    No more stains

    My 6 year old son crushed some blueberries on our cream carpet. It was a mess. I tried a couple of liquid cleaners but they did not work. So I decided to go for professional cleaning and assigned the task to Oxi Fresh as recommended by our neighbors. They have done a wonderful job. There are no stains and it feels cleaner than before.
    - tony jennifer

    Thank you team

    When I shifted to y new apartment I was shocked to see the condition of my carpet. It was totally damaged with dust and mud. I immediately contacted this Oxi Fresh company. They came and cleaned the carpets in a beautiful manner. I am very thankful to them.
    - Zara Morris

    Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia