Carpet Cleaning Canberra

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Impeccable Carpet Cleaning at Canberra

Carpets are your aesthetic signature and style statement which brings out the taste you have. That’s not all, you can leave your children on the floor and let them explore by themselves. There are some facts, though, which you must be aware of, like-

  • Are you aware that one square foot of carpet can hold approximately 1pound of dust? Most of this dust, around 80%, comes from outside, stuck with the bottom of people’s shoes.
  • One ounce of dust can be home to two thousand dust mites.
  • Do you know, that the “Environmental Protection Agency” (EPA), an agency of the US Federal Government, advised that you should get your carpets cleaned from a professional cleaner every six months?

Oxi Fresh is an endeavor to promote and help people of Canberra with our professional carpet cleaning services. Our unmatchable carpet cleaning services in Canberra are fast and affordable.

Carpet Cleaning Canberra
Carpet Cleaning Canberra

Do You Really Need Deep Carpet Cleaning?

Occasional carpet dusting or cleaning is practiced most of the time by everyone, which is not sufficient. To understand the relevance of deep carpet cleaning, you must realize what is left behind with usual cleaning of carpets by you.

  • Creating optimum living conditions for molds

    Minute, furry fungal hyphae-termed “Molds” grow in moist conditions. Further, the untidy cleaning can leave dust and moisture in the carpet, creating apt conditions for Molds to grow. They love damp, dusty and stagnant air to live and reproduce profusely.

    Additionally, molds can affect your skin, respiratory system, digestive system, vascular system and even the nervous system. By doing so, they can cause rashes, sinus infections, diarrhea, and even tremors.

  • Incomplete cleaning

    The hard to clean stains and difficult to locate pet hairs cannot be cleaned without professional assistance. Thus, this can lead to foul smell and filthy looks.

  • Damaging your property

    There are chances that usual cleaning agents, where you are not aware of the composition or the chemical, can damage the texture and fiber of delicate carpets.

    You definitely need a professional carpet cleaning service like Oxi Fresh. Our expert carpet cleaners not only clean your carpets but take proper care of you and your precious possession.

Expert Carpet Cleaners
Expert Carpet Cleaners

Why Hire Oxi Fresh?

Periodic carpet cleaning is compulsory for the health of the carpet and the owner as well. Further, the professional approach is obligatory as your efforts in cleaning it yourself will not yield good results. Our expert carpet cleaners in Canberra do it with perfection as they have the following competencies.

  • Experience

    They carry years of professional experience in managing the task. Further, they have enough expertise in handling any and every kind of carpet conditions.

  • Well armed

     Our carpet cleaning experts have the required tools and cleaning agents, specific to carpet type and conditions.

  • Certified

    Our local carpet cleaning experts are well recognized by authorities and associations and are registered companies with approved work experience.

  • Knowledge

    Also, they are updated with the latest techniques and have upgraded knowledge of recent technical developments in this field.

  • Care

    Additionally, the cleaning methods used by us will not only clean but also will take care of your health.

  • Cost Effective

    Also, we provide highly affordable and cost-effective carpet cleaning solutions.

    Being the leading Carpet Cleaning Services in Canberra, with years of industry experience, Oxi Fresh offers reliable and quality services. Further, we ensure that cleaning is not just external, it is as deep as killing the bacteria, germs, allergens and let you and your carpet breath fresh air.

    Oxi Fresh technicians and carpet cleaning experts use their talent and sagacity to deliver brilliance and quality jobs. Also, we respect your time and resources and complete the assigned task within the set parameters of time and money.

    We earn your trust and conviction, and hence we carry testimonies from our clients. Their long-term relationship motivates us to fine-tune our services.

Dry Carpet Cleaning
Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Canberra Process

Oxi Fresh follows methodical exercise to clean carpets. The systematic approach gives you the freedom of examining us at every step. We follow a step-by-step process, which is:

  • Investigation

    We do pre-cleaning investigation to find out the extent of damage, the kind of materials and technique to clean the carpet. While doing so, kind of fabric in the carpet is also taken into consideration.

  • Quote

    Based on the pre-cleaning survey, the quotation is served to you stating different articles to be used, a technique to be used and their respective tentative cost. Further, we maintain transparency at each level.

  • Pre-Cleaning

    Before initiating the final cleaning process, we do pre-vacuuming to wipe out large, solid, dust particles.

  • Final Process

    Additionally, we do step-by-step removal of stains, dust, molds if any, with dry or steam cleaning methods.

Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal

Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Canberra

Our quality services, unlike any other carpet cleaner, are not limited to specific platform or area. Thus, our sophisticated carpet cleaning services cover the following-

  • Residential Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial or Corporate Carpet Cleaning
  • Mold Eradication Services
  • Water / Moisture damage Restoration Services
  • Stain removal
  • Damage Due to fire
  • Fabric Care Services
  • Carper Sewage Restoration

Further, our diligent team of technicians is capable of handling various carpet fabric including-

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Acrylic
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene

Our techniques include both-

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning and,
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning
Steam Carpet Cleaning
Steam Carpet Cleaning

Why Are We The Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Canberra?

Oxi Fresh is known for the innovative techniques and methods. Unlike most of the market players, our services are autonomous.

  • Oxi Fresh is accessible 24X7, irrespective of the location, size of job and time of week and day.
  • We not only take care of the carpet, but our methods are eco-friendly.
  • Further, Oxi Fresh is certified, recognized and registered as professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Canberra.
  • Moreover, Oxi Fresh services are affordable and reliable.
  • Additionally, our experts take utmost care of your health while performing the task, especially children, and pets.
  • We deliver the instant solution and advise you on better management of carpets.
  • Also, Oxi Fresh team has well-cultured, polite, well-mannered and knowledgeable individuals, trained to deliver 100% success and guarantee of a quality

The distance between you and the best professional carpet cleaning services in Canberra, which also provides affordable cleaning with 100% customer satisfaction, is just a call away, contact –Oxi Fresh Today!

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