Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Magical Carpet Cleaning for Brisbane Homes & Offices…..!!!

Magic is not impossible and if don’t believe in it then hire us for carpet cleaning Brisbane! Oxi Fresh delivers stunning carpet cleaning services that magically transform your old & dirty carpets into just-like-new-looking carpets. We work to restore your carpets from bad stains, unpleasant odours, & daily wear & tear in a noticeable way.

Oxi Fresh delivers a vast array of carpet cleaning solutions such as carpet mould removal, Carpet Stain Removal, carpet sewage damage restoration, carpet water damage restoration, and carpet repairs. Our quality services are talked about by our customers and our affordable prices make us simply irresistible carpet cleaners!  

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Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Why Carpet Cleaning Brisbane?

Oxi Fresh promises the following advantages for carpet cleaning services:

  • More life for carpets.
  • Cleaner, healthier, and safer carpets.
  • Stain free carpets.
  • Enhanced indoor air quality.
  • Safe environment at home & office.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Plan of Action

We have understood that no two carpets can be cleaned in the same manner. Therefore, what we do is first thoroughly inspect the carpet to be cleaned, check the manufacturer’s instructions, take notice of the fabric it is made of, see how much cleaning is required, and then decide which cleaning method would be more appropriate.  

    Sneak Peak into Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

    When a carpet needs steam cleaning then we use the old-fashioned yet highly efficient hot water extraction. Here is what goes into steam carpet cleaning Brisbane:

    • Solid particles are the most visible dirty element on any carpet. So, we start with vacuuming the carpets. Using powerful vacuums we are able to eliminate human skin flakes, pet hair, human hair, and other solid dirt particles.
    • Stains are another thing that spoils the looks of any carpet. We have exclusive stain removing treatments to take care of major types of stains like blood stains, coffee stains, urine stains, wine stains, and so on.
    • Then comes the cleaning part for which we use truck mounted machines. We compress hot water, mix it with cleaning solutions, and then infuse this mix into your carpet for deep cleaning.
    • To keep your carpet soft and smooth, our cleaners do the pile setting.
    • We have solid air dryers to dry the steam cleaned carpets. Once we do carpet drying, you can use it after 8 hours.
    • Carpet sanitization and carpet deodorization are two important aspects of carpet cleaning without which the cleaning remains incomplete.

    Get a Glimpse of Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

    Carpet dry cleaning is the ideal cleaning procedure for carpets made of sensitive fabrics, which are prone to water damage.

    Here is How We Dry Clean The Carpets:

    • Again, it all begins with pre-vacuuming of the carpet to remove all sorts of solid particles.
    • Second step is stain removal with help from eco-friendly stain treatments.
    • Deep cleaning of the carpet is done using our specially designed dry cleaning products. We apply our treatment on the carpet and then brush it using specific tools to clean every fibre of the carpet.
    • We again vacuum the carpets targeting the residuals – be it contaminants or the cleaning products.
    • Carpet drying is quick because of the powerful equipment we have invested in and the carpet will be ready for use again within an hour.
    • We strongly believe in deodorizing and sanitizing the carpets as part of our cleaning process. This makes your carpet hygienic and healthy apart from clean.

    Once our cleaners are done with carpet cleaning Brisbane, they finally do a thorough check of the carpet because we believe in leaving our customers happy and satisfied!

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Looking for commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Brisbane? Come to Oxi Fresh Brisbane for affordable & reliable commercial carpet cleaning solutions. We work as per your availability and as you want. We can even clean the carpets during your working hours by making least possible disruption to the work. Make your working environment cleaner and safer by choosing our commercial carpet cleaning.

    Hire Oxi Fresh Experts for Miraculous Carpet Cleaning

    We follow all natural, non-toxic, no residue, and quick dry cleaning approach for cleaning carpets. Apart from this,

    • Oxifresh is a local company of Brisbane with over 20 years of industry experience.
    • All our carpet cleaners are certified, licensed, and thoroughly trained.
    • Magic cleaning is achieved by using highly advanced cleaning equipment.
    • We assure you of no shrinkage or discolouration due to our cleaning process.
    • Only eco-friendly products are used for cleaning your products.
    • We bring back your carpets to life by complete stain removal, odour removal, mould removal, and complete restoration.
    • We deliver carpet cleaning in all areas of Brisbane.
    • You can call us anytime of the day and any day of the year.
    • Our office is open on public holidays too.
    • Our carpet water damage restoration is quick, friendly, and extremely effective.
    • We do both emergency carpet cleaning as well as same day carpet cleaning.

    Choose us if you want full value for your money while hiring carpet cleaners. Oxi Fresh provides excellent residential and commercial carpet cleaning solutions at the lowest prices in Brisbane. Call us to book your carpet cleaning Brisbane request now!

    Help in need

    I was moving out of my rental property and was looking to fix some damages and cleaning the house. This was a challenge. After some research I was able to get in touch with Oxi Fresh and they managed to finish the cleaning work in just a few hours. Thanks to them as I was able to successfully hand over the property.
    - Kieran Alice

    Saved my carpet appearance

    One day I saw after returning from the office that my kids have dropped various colors on the carpet. It has become a multi color carpet and was looking so ugly. I called this Oxi Fresh company. They came and washed the carpets nicely. Soon after the wash, I saw that carpet was looking very fresh and clean. There were no more colors.
    - James Emily

    Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia